Production runs from 1 to 1 million.
Our mission: We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations through excellent management, superior workmanship and innovation through technology.

Quality control

Quality control system

Process Quality Control System: ISO-9000

AQL Inspection sampling standard: MIL-STD-105E

Inspection equipment

CMM (3D Optical Comparator)

 3D-FAMILY L-Style lens model
 Measuring range: 15.75X11.81X7.87”
 Optical zoom: 0.7~4.5X
 Image zoom: 28~180X
 Accuracy: (3+L/200)μm

Concentricity Gauging machine(Japan)


 Measuring Dia.: from 1/10" to 1"
 Measuring Length: from 0 to 4"
 Accuracy: within 0.0002"

Hardness Tester (Sclerometer)


 Hardness standard: Rockwell A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L,M,P,R,S,V
 Measuring range: from 20 to 88 HRA
 from 20 to 100 HRB           
 from 20 to 70 HRC
 Resolving power: 0.1HR
 Hardness resolution: less than±1HR


Plating thickness tester

 Measuring range: Atomic No. from Ti to U Element
 Measuring range: Atomic No. 22~25, 0.1~0.8μm
 Atomic No.26~40, 0.05~35um
 Atomic No. 43~52, 0.1~100μm         
 Atomic No.72~82, 0.05~5μm
 Resolving power: 0.1μm
 Show resolution: ±(3%H+1.5)

Surface Roughness Tester (Portable)

 Measuring parameter: Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rv,  Rmx, R3z, Rsk, Rs, Rsm, Rmr
 Measuring range: Ra 0.025μm-12.5μm
 Highest resolving power: 0.001μm
 Show resolution: less than ±10%



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