Production runs from 1 to 1 million.
Our mission: We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations through excellent management, superior workmanship and innovation through technology.


Equipment List


Turning/Milling CNC

CNC Lathe XKNC-20FA Katimura(Japan)
CNC Lathe XKNC-100G1 Katimura(Japan)
CNC Lathe XKNC-SL12S Katimura(Japan)
CNC Lathe TK36 Baoji
CNC Lathe CKJ300 CKJ
CNC Milling KMC-950 Kangcheng
CNC Milling M5 Jianya


CNC Machining Center

CNC Machining Center KMC-650 Kangcheng
CNC Machining Center TH7650A Duoleng
CNC Machining Center XH714G Hanchuan
CNC Machining Center STH-850 Saite


Stamping Machine

Stamping machine JB23-63A
Stamping machine J23-10
Stamping machine J23-40


Other Equipment

Electrical discharge machine NH7135HC Ninghua
Electrical discharge machine NHS7145 Ninghua
EDM NH7740 Ninghua
Axle Plane Grinding Machine M618A Dashuangyang 
Electrical spark-erosion perforation machine DG703 Ninghua
CMM VME400T Zhitai






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