Production runs from 1 to 1 million.
Our mission: We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations through excellent management, superior workmanship and innovation through technology.

About us

We are professionals in the manufacturing of precision machined parts, specializing in multi-function/multi-axis machining with state of the art Japanese CNC equipment, utilizing ISO-9000 quality control system to achieve the highest quality requirements of our customers.Read More »


Equipment List

Turning/Milling CNC
CNC Lathe XKNC-20FA Katimura(Japan)
CNC Lathe TK36 China Baoji
CNC Milling KMC-950 Kangcheng

CNC Machining Center
CNC Machining Center KMC-650 Kangcheng
CNC Machining Center XH714G Hanchuan

Stamping Machine
Stamping machine JB23-63A
Stamping machine J23-10
Stamping machine J23-40

Other Equipment
Electrical discharge machine NH7135HC Ninghua
Axle Plane Grinding Machine M618A Dashuangyang
CMM VME400T Zhitai

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Suzhou Everest Hardware Machine Ltd.
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Addax Technologies Headquarters  
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